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What is Myofascial Release?

The John F. Barnes method of Myofascial Release is a type of holistic bodywork that helps reduce pain and inflammation in the body. It improves movement in the joints by helping to reduce restrictions in the soft tissue of the body. Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that permeates our bodies from head to toe. It surrounds every muscle, bone organ, nerve and blood vessel. It is similar to electrical wiring in which our life force energy flows through. It can become blocks and restricted by trauma. Trauma can be physical, emotional or spiritual. The fascia holds memories and emotions that can get stuck when it tightens up. Myofascial release helps to soften the tissue to release the stored memories and toxins that disrupt and cause imbalance and disease and compromise our immune system over time.

How can Myofascial Release Help?

At Green Heart Myofascial Release we customize a treatment plan by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and postural assessment. We look at tissue restrictions in the form of fascial strain patterns. The emphasis is on instruction in self treatment techniques and a customized home program. This continues the process of healing after each session. This is a whole body, whole systems approach. Everything is connected and each system of the body is interdependent on each other. For example, a misaligned pelvis from soft tissue restrictions can result in headaches and back pain. These misalignments and soft tissue restrictions can create imbalances in the body that can have direct effects that don’t appear connected.

The John F. Barnes Approach:

The JFB approach to Myofascial release is a non aggressive slow sustained stretching. Each technique has a time element factor of sustained pressure of at least 5 minutes to allow releases to occur. This sustained pressure allows the fascia to elongate and release the crushing pressure on pain sensitive structures. This helps relieve pain and restore blood flow to areas the have been blocked or restricted and allow healing to occur. The fascia provides support, stability and cushioning. The fascial system tightens as a protective response to trauma. The tissue becomes dense and fibrous. That sustained pressure over time can cause imbalances by pulling the body out of alignment which causes decreased strength, movement and postural issues. The JFB approach focuses on releasing restrictions to allow for the healthy elasticity of the tissue to be restored so each client can return to a pain free healthy lifestyle.

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